Fitbit Versa 3/Sense Watchface Store

Fitbit Versa 3/Sense Watchface
Custom watchfaces for fitbit sense & fitbit versa 3

Click on the Images of the Watch face to be directed to the website for purchase/installing these watch face on your fit bit versa.

For any reason if you can’t see the images; please turn off the Ad Blocker & you will be able to see the images. I have also included direct links to the watch faces at the bottom of this post.





Watch this video if you have issues installing or purchasing any of the above watch face. As this video shows how to install FitFace on your versa3/Sense & how to create an account & install these watch face.

Youtube Watchface (0.65$): Link
Apple Infographic Watchface (1.90$): Link
Apple Menu Watchface (1.90$): Link
Windows XP Watchface (1.50$): Link