Huawei Watch GT 2 vs GT 2e SpO2 Monitor!

Huawei Watch GT 2e SpO2
Huawei Watch GT 2e SpO2

What is the difference in between GT2 and GT2e?

Some of you might know that Huawei has announced a lite version of this watch GT 2 known as Huawei Watch GT 2 e – this does look awesome in terms of design, you can see it has this unibody design blends perfectly with the wrist band.

It has more contemporary square buttons vs the circular buttons on the GT 2, it still has the same powerful energy-efficient Kirin A1 chipset with an awesome 2 week of battery life, basically, it’s just about the same as the original GT 2 but cheaper in price when launched – the only difference is that it lacks a loudspeaker & microphone so you will not be able to take Bluetooth audio calls or listen to music directly from the watch other than that it about the same.

New Huawei Watch GT 2e

So let’s quickly go through the difference between the original GT 2 & the latest GT 2 e which are the obvious design enhancement on GT 2 e making it more contemporary & sporty. GT 2 e will be cheaper than the original GT 2.

GT 2 e lacks a built-in microphone & loudspeaker. So in my opinion, if you are a person who does not care to answer audio calls directly from your watch – then you are better off with the latest GT 2 e as you will save money & I think GT 2 e will last slightly longer than the original GT 2 in terms of battery life as you will not talk from the watch & save battery life even more.

Huawei Watch GT 2 e

I have done a video on how to get about 3 weeks of battery life on the original GT 2 – Click Here to watch it!

How to process Firmware update on GT2?

There will be a pop up like this on the Huawei health app on your mobile device once you click update it will be downloaded & sent to your watch. Once received on the watch – the watch will restart & start applying the firmware update & it will restart automatically. All this will be a relatively simple & straight forward process.

Huawei Watch GT 2 SpO2 Firmware Update

How spo2 monitor works on GT2 &GT2 e?

So the light is emitted from an LED light source & is made to pass through your finger which is then absorbed by a detector on the other end. Now the difference between light emitted & light absorbed is displayed as the oxygen saturation, so the more oxygen-carrying blood cells you have the higher the absorption is & vice versa. The types of oximeter – the one used in the finger is called a transmission type & I guess the one used on the watch will be the reflectance type – where the measurement is done based on the light reflected vs absorbed. So with that being said both the GT 2 & the GT 2 e have an SPO2 sensor built-in but you have to activate it.

How SpO2 sensor works!
Types of SpO2 monitor.

GT2-SPO2 monitor once updated you will find the SpO2 section in the main menu of the watch. The readings are on the watch. Once you open the SpO2 app it will prompt you to place the watch properly on your wrist & start measuring the blood oxygen concentration.

SpO2 tab on GT2 and GT2e.

Comparison of SpO2 between GT2 & actual medical grade pulse oximeter

So you can see the Finger oximeter was very quick in just a few seconds it showed my reading along with the heart rate & a visual graph but it takes a while for the watch to measure the same.

Huawei Watch GT 2 SpO2 monitor
Huawei Watch GT 2e vs Huawei Watch GT2

Now in terms of reading accuracy, I have already taken multiple measurements & I have seen that the reading is fairly close to the pulse oximeter, I have even taken the reading during & after exercises & there was not much of a difference. However, I will not recommend any such sensors as a diagnostic mean; you should always consult a medical practitioner for diagnostics with more accurate equipment.

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